True to its name, the Arts District Hyattsville development has its own public art.

EYA, the developers behind the west side of the project, installed a sculpture in 2011 on a courtyard off Longfellow Street.

Called “Trinity,” the 80-by-60-inch stainless steel sculpture was created by North Carolina artist Michael Baker.

Baker has had public art installed around the country, including a piece in Alexandria, Va.

The sculpture was selected by EYA from a group selected by Artists Circle Fine Art, a Maryland company that helps businesses find art.

“We presented a portfolio of a dozen or so various sculptures that were the appropriate size and budget for the project,” explained Artists Circle project manager Katie Giganti in an email. “Unlike galleries, we don’t represent a specific pool of artists.  For each project we go out and find the art/artist that is the right answer for the space.”

The sculpture was installed last May after Baker drove it up from North Carolina.

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5 Responses to Trinity

  1. Tim W. says:

    Ryan, thanks for this! Always good to know the origin of art, especially art in the neighborhood that you see daily.

  2. Justin Fair says:

    Thanks HW! We’ll add this to our Public Art Locator (now online, though our website will be having a full refresh in a week, almost done!)

  3. adelphiy_sky says:

    I think you mean the 80-by-60-inch sculpture.

  4. Ah, good catch. Fixed.

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