Artists All A-Twitter at artdc’s Latest Show


Photo by Amanda Eisenberg.

artdc Gallery’s latest exhibit takes place in the studio — and on Twitter.

The #WeTweetArt exhibition, which runs through Sept. 29, features 75 works by 42 artists, plus the artists’ Twitter handles and instructions on how to tweet about the pieces.

“The theory is you walk into the gallery with your smartphone,” said curator Jesse Cohen.

At a Sept. 7 reception at the gallery inside the Lustine Center in Arts District Hyattsville, organizers had a large projector which showed tweets with the hashtag #WeTweetArt. Two cameras also live-streamed the event, said featured artist Michael Diggs.

In all, Cohen estimated the event generated about 550 tweets.

Aside from promoting the exhibit, the use of Twitter also helped connect artists with potential buyers. So far, Cohen said, five pieces have sold.

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