Art Works Moves Closer to Reality


Volunteers clean the interior of new Art Works Studio School. (Photo by Amanda Eisenberg)

The new Pizzeria Paradiso and Art Works Studio School is one step closer to opening its doors in Hyattsville.

Volunteers helped clear out the new location for the restaurant and art studio last weekend. Any salvageable building materials were donated to Community Forklift, said Juliana Molina, the communications coordinator and teaching artist of Art Works.

The new location will function as two art studios with a garden attached within the greenhouse.

“My dream is for the kids to grow a beet, paint a beet and see … the colors, and then learn how to cook a beet,” said Barbara Johnson, founder and executive director of Art Works Studio.

Within the next two weeks, Art Works expects to receive its demolition permit. Although there have been some alteration to the design, says Johnson, the permit drawings are expected to be submitted to the county by November.

Construction is set to start at the beginning of 2014. Although Johnson hopes the studio will be ready for summer camp, everything will start up in the fall of 2014. The pizzeria would then open in 2015.

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