Save Our Saucers T-Shirts Selling


The Hyattsville resident behind the Save Our Saucer T-shirts says he hopes they’ll create buzz to preserve the library’s iconic entryway.

T. Carter Ross is selling everything from shirts to mugs and aprons to buttons with a saucer silhouette on Zazzle.

So far only 15 to 20 shirts have sold, along with a coffee mug and two aprons, he told the Hyattsville Wire. Beyond the royalties paid to Zazzle, the site that sells the paraphernalia, the $30 of proceeds have been donated to Friends of the Library.

“The library has been suffering from neglect for awhile,” Ross said about the soon-to-be demolished library. “We want more public input in the redesign.”

In recent days, public officials in Hyattsville as well as College Park, University Park and Mount Rainier have backed the idea of seeking more public input on the new library design, though some are concerned a delay could jeopardize the project’s funding.

“There’s no question it needs to be renovated,” said Ross.

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  1. Just to clarify, the shirts, etc., are designed to raise awareness, not funds. Zazzle is a print-on-demand shop so the price per item pretty high. It also requires that a 5% royalty be added to the price of each item, which is the only earnings coming back to Save Our Saucer. Those earnings will be donated to the Friends of the Hyattsville Branch Library.

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