Hyattsville CDC Restores Historic Building


Photo by Amanda Eisenberg.

The Hyattsville Community Development Corp. is spending $100,000 restoring a historic bungalow for its new office.

Built in 1919, the building, located at 4314 Farragut St., was a Comcast-owned switching station before the CDC got involved.

“It has inherent value just as a contributing resource to the Historic District — and it’s a cool building,” said Executive Director Stuart Eisenberg (no relation).

The building was in complete disrepair: the roof was sunken in, the exterior was dilapidated and the interior was condemned. After multiple citations by code enforcement, Comcast filed a demolition permit.

“We proposed that they provide that funding to the Hyattsville CDC and that we would take on the obligations of renovating the building and putting it into productive use in exchange for a use agreement for a term,” said Eisenberg.

It took the CDC two and a half years to get that agreement into place.

Now, the roofs of the main and accessory buildings are intact and the exterior of the main building is repaired.

The interior is still in disrepair, and the CDC is fundraising the rest of the cost.

Once the two-story bungalow is ready, the CDC can bring in another non-profit to share its office at a “below-market lease rate,” said Eisenberg.

A separate building nearby will be turned into a work studio for an in-house artist to reside in.

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