What is the Route 1 Ride All About?

You may have seen a new brochure around promoting the Route 1 corridor and Route 1 Ride, an enhanced bus service for Route 1 from Mount Rainier up to College Park near Ikea. This effort coincides with the new development efforts in Arts District Hyattsville and along Route 1 in College Park.

According to its website, the mission of Route 1 Ride is “to provide fast, efficient, and inexpensive public transportation while assisting in the economic development of the Route 1 Corridor from Mount Rainier to North College Park.”

In a way, the group is trying to bring back the spirit of the streetcar which used to go up and down Route 1. The vision with this effort is to help make the surrounding communities pedestrian-friendly and transport residents and visitors easily to any point along the corridor.

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