Hyattsville Lofts Hit a New High

Our parking meters may only cost 25 cents an hour, but a one-bedroom, one-bath condo in the renovated historic firehouse on Farragut Street will cost you $419,000, according to a listing on Redfin.

The condo lives up to the standards of some of D.C.’s swanker neighborhoods with nine-foot ceilings, brick walls, metal staircases, granite countertops and bamboo floors plus lots of natural light thanks to the expansive windows. And you get a generous 1,267 square feet, plus a parking space— two amenities you won’t often see in Dupont Circle.

So far the Hyattsville Wire has seen only one listing online thanks to a tip from a reader, though there are a total of eight residential condos for sale.

According to an article from the Hyattsville Life & Times in October 2011, one of the condos is two stories, with three bedrooms and 19-foot ceilings.

The condos occupy what used to be the city’s original municipal building and firehouse and were developed by Hyattsville architect Garth Rockcastle, founding principal of MS&R Architecture and a professor at the University of Maryland. His firm won an American Institute of Architects Honor Award in 2010.

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3 Responses to Hyattsville Lofts Hit a New High

  1. Heidi says:

    Looks like they’re having an open house this Sunday 12-3pm.

  2. brenda bush says:

    I grew up in Riverdale and this is overpriced to the gills.

    No way would I move back spending 400K to be stacked like cordwood in an overpopulated cesspool of humanity.

    There is life and happiness beyond the capitol beltway and the I95 corridor!

  3. Justin Fair says:

    The interior design decor was furnished by Riggio Design and Space 26 Designs. Awesome work!

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