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We’ll be randomly selecting a name from our list of fans on Sunday, June 10, to win a new hardcover copy of  “Jim Henson: The Works – The Art, the Magic, the Imagination.

Since Henson was a native of the Hyattsville area, we came across several references to the town in the book’s section called ‘The Early Years.”

“When Jim was in the fifth grade, his father accepted a new job that entailed moving to Hyattsville, Maryland, a quiet suburb of Washington, D.C. It was there that Jim completed his education and discovered television.”

It then goes on to reference Hyattsville’s very own high school.

“Above all, through, Jim was fascinated by the medium of television itself. ‘When I was old enough to get a job—sixteen—I went out and approached all of these studios in Washington,’ he later recalled. These first efforts came to nothing. But two years later, in 1954, during the summer after he graduated from Northwestern High School, Jim heard that one of the local radio stations, WTOP, needed some puppeteteers for its Junior Good Morning Show.”

The book also has several photos of Henson’s time in the area.

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