George Pelecanos in Hyattsville

Courtesy of Hachette Book Group.

Noted crime author George Pelecanos is coming to Hyattsville.

After a reading at the 14th Street Busboys and Poets, the “poet laureate of the D.C. crime world” will speak at the Hyattsville Busboys and Poets at 6:30 tonight.

Pelecanos wrote for the TV series “The Wire” and is author of 18 novels set around Washington, D.C. Several of his books mention Hyattsville in passing.

The Hyattsville Wire interviewed Pelecanos by email yesterday.

Do you have any memories of Hyattsville you’d like to share?

“A couple of years ago I was riding my bike near Ager Road and some dude in a van deliberately sideswiped me and kept going. When I got back in the saddle I chased him down and got his tag number. I called the police but they declined to look into it. That’s one memory. I have many good memories of the Queens Chapel Drive-In that are probably not appropriate for your readers. I got my blaxploitation, kung-fu, and splatter-film education at the theater, along with many other teaching moments. ”

You mention Hyattsville in several books. Any upcoming mentions for us to watch for?

“Not that I’m aware of, but keep hope alive.”

Since you write about crime, you often focus on the seedier side of things. Any chance you might mention the Historic District or the new Arts District in a future book?

“Sure, there’s a chance. I’ll look around when I’m over there tomorrow night.”

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3 Responses to George Pelecanos in Hyattsville

  1. Being a cyclist, the memory that George Pelecanos has of a van deliberately sideswiping him is not a great one! 🙁 Even worse, that the van kept on driving, and the police did not investigate when given the license tag number! Wow. I know the police are busy here in the “Wild West” Hyattsville 🙂 but maybe they don’t investigate unless there is an injury…?

  2. Tim W. says:

    You can tell he’s explored our area by bicycle. Some of the settings of his books include the bike trails along the Anacostia near Bladensburg and the National Arboretum. Sorry that I had to miss this event. I’m a fan of his writing.

  3. Karen Q. says:

    I was in the audience for his author event at Busboys and Poets. It was great to hear him read from What it Was…and he signed my book, too. Love going to events right in our backyard!

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