Show Your Hyattsville Pride

In 1969, the United Nations came up with the white oval sticker to help car owners identify their countries of origin.

Initially popular in Europe, they took off in the United States in 1994 when a North Carolina businessman began giving away stickers with “OBX” on them to promote the Outer Banks.

Today, everything from vacation spots to churches to marathoners has a white oval sticker. We felt that Hyattsville deserved one too.

Starting tomorrow, the Hyattsville Wire will give away 100 HYA oval stickers at area businesses along the Route 1 corridor. Check back tomorrow for a list of where you can pick one up for free to show your Hyattsville pride.

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2 Responses to Show Your Hyattsville Pride

  1. Neat that Hyattsville is getting its own town stickers! 🙂 Funny that it’s “HYA” — looks like “Hi Ya!” 🙂

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