Arts District Neon

Several neon signs likely catch your eye upon driving into the Arts District including the sign for Arts District Hyattsville, the Lustine Center and Franklin’s.

We noticed a few signs on Route 1 that used to be neon-lit but aren’t anymore including the Westinghouse sign above Franklin’s and the “Shop, Eat, Enjoy” sign next store. Perhaps these signs could be restored.

Either way, we love our city’s neon signs and hope to see more of them in the near future.

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2 Responses to Arts District Neon

  1. Betsy says:

    I believe the city of Hyattsville places limits on the amount of neon allowed. With the size of the Franklins sign, it is unlikely they would be permitted to restore and display the Westinghouse sign or the “Shop, eat, enjoy” sign in full neon.

  2. Nice slice of light to show, H-Wire.

    @ Betsy. The City does not regulate neon content on signs.

    Prince George’s County regulates signage under their zoning ordinance and employs complicated formulae to determine the area signage can occupy on a given building, in a given zone. But further regulations for signage govern under the Development District standards of the Gateway Arts District (since 2005). A new neon sign (each one) is restricted to 20 square feet in area. But those extant signs at Franklin’s pre-date the Arts District standards. Nothing to stop them lighting up but maintenance, money, and power.

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