More Poets at Busboys

It shouldn’t be surprising that Busboys and Poets now has more writers. The popular restaurant/arts venue has recently added a bookstore featuring hardcover and paperback books. The book selection is fairly highbrow featuring celebrated authors such as Junot Diaz, Umberto Eco and Jeffrey Eugenides.

The genres include world history, peace studies, the environment, arts and, as would be expected, poetry. There is also an extensive kids and young adult section, which is in keeping with the Hyattsville Busboys’ focus on families.

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One Response to More Poets at Busboys

  1. Luka says:

    I wish I still lived in the DC area (and not in boring, LAME GA…..JK, JK) and could come to the party and pull two of my fatovire writers off the shelf at once—Tayari and Ed (I need a hardcover “The Untelling” and a hardover “The Known World,” because my softcovers are dogeared and marked-up). BB P sounds like an awesome place. I looked at the menu: I’d order the peanut butter, banana, honey on challah after drinking like ten cocktails—which, of course, Tayari would buy since I’m a broke student and love her novels like a bunch of grapes:-)

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