Washingtonian Praises Spice 6

Spice 6 2The Washingtonian has some praise for Spice 6 in its March issue.

Dining Editor Todd Kliman writes that the Indian restaurant at the Shoppes at Arts District Hyattsville is the best of a number of recent restaurants hoping to borrow the concept of Mexican-chain Chipotle.

Its chef, Upendra Thapaliya, claims more than 20 years in the kitchens of Nepal. You can taste that experience in the stewed, spiced chickpeas—sweet with onion and with a stickiness that testifies to slow cooking. They come with every order except pizza, but they’re so good, and so substantive, that I often find myself bypassing the putative main ingredients—unremarkable tandoori chicken, wan tofu cubes, even the lightly spicy hunks of lamb—and requesting an extra ladleful for my rice bowl or wrap (both $6.65 to $8.49).

Spice 6 also garnered praise from the Washington Post last year.

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