First Tenant Moves Into Largest Palette Building

IMG_2784The largest of the three Palette Apartments at Arts District Hyattsville has its first tenant.

Although a grand opening isn’t planned until sometime around June, a resident has already moved into a first floor apartment. (Only the first two floors are open for now.)

About 20 percent of the building was pre-leased before opening.

Tenants moving in now can get a Nest thermostat installed and one accent wall in each room painted as part of a special.

Monthly rents range from $1,550 to $2,635, with apartments ranging from 531 square feet to 1,293 square feet.

Amenities include a medium-sized pool, a rooftop deck, a parking garage and a club room with a pool table.

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One Response to First Tenant Moves Into Largest Palette Building

  1. Wishful Thinking says:

    “Monthly rents ranging from 1550 t0 2635.” I guess I’ll have to keep living 3 blocks away for under $1000.

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