Used Books Now Available at Busboys


Now Hyattsville’s Busboys and Poets has used books available for as low as 50 cents.

We caught up with Bill Crane, primary bookseller for the store, who told us this new initiative started recently when a friend of Busboys founder Andy Shallal offered to donate an entire library to Busboys to keep for profit.

Crane said currently the restaurant’s in-house bookstore has roughly 150 to 200 used books ranging from about 50 cents to $6 depending on the condition and whether its soft- or hard-covered.  He also said that the used books touch on themes consistent with the rest of the books available at the store including nonfiction topics such as politics, the environment, society and diversity issues.

There’s been talk about accepting other used book donations and Crane said if people are interested in making a donation they can contact Nick Meriwether at

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