Why Hyattsville Needs Capital Bikeshare


Photo of Capital Bikeshare by Flickr user effelarr. http://bit.ly/17RUGAc

Bike-sharing is coming to Prince George’s County, but not yet Hyattsville.

Capital Bikeshare will install docking stations in College Park by early next spring under a deal signed by the city and the university. That follows new stations in Takoma Park and elsewhere in Montgomery County.

But the same logic that’s bringing the rental bikes to Hyattsville’s neighbors applies here as well. The Route 1 corridor is fast becoming a hot bicycling area, with College Park Bicycles and Arrow Bicycle, new bike lanes and bike racks around Hyattsville, plans for a bike lane on Route 1 and the the ever-growing trolley trail.

Prince George’s County Councilman Eric Olson made some optimistic remarks to the Washington Post along those lines:

Once the program launches in College Park, he said, he hopes to see it expand to Riverdale Park, home to an anticipated $250 million mixed-use community that includes the construction of the county’s first Whole Foods Market. Olson says stations also could be installed in Hyattsville, one of the most walkable communities of northern Prince George’s.

“We are trying to create a more walkable, more bikeable, more vibrant community,” Olson said. “The Route 1 corridor is really blossoming. . . . It’s a hot place, and this is one more step in making it a stronger, more vibrant area.”

The bicycles would be especially useful for residents of the historic district and the new Arts District, provided there is a station or two along Route 1 and others at the Hyattsville and Prince George’s Plaza Metro stations.

But apart from their utility, Capital Bikeshare stations would also be a key signifier to people passing through Hyattsville that this is a place to be. Bikeshare has already spread from D.C. to places like Arlington, Alexandria, Bethesda, Silver Spring and Rockville.

In a way, Bikeshare is the new Metro, and Hyattsville should be on it.

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3 Responses to Why Hyattsville Needs Capital Bikeshare

  1. susan says:

    yes please– would love Bikeshare here. More bikes, more walkers, and a friendlier environment for all the businesses along Rt 1 that people whizz by in cars. Love it!

  2. Chris says:

    I totally agree-Hyattsville and Mt. Rainer. I emailed the county executive last spring about this and as of yet, I have not heard back.

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