Arts District Garages Go Electric


A wall painting in the garage of a model home in Arts District Hyattsville shows the location of an electric car charger.

New homes in Hyattsville’s Arts District are built for electric cars.

Garages in the EYA homes for sale on the east side of Baltimore Avenue include a conveniently placed outlet for an electric car to charge.

According to PlugShare, a crowdsourced electric vehicle charging station locator, the nearest public charging stations are at the new Rhode Island Row development in Brookland and around College Park, which has more than a dozen.

Overall, the Electric Vehicle Association of Greater Washington estimates there are more than 700 charging stations in the D.C. area. (There areĀ around 20,000 nationwide, compared to about 121,000 gas stations.)

Charging stations may not be necessary in every home, but they’re cheap and an easy feel-good amenity for developers. (Essentially, it’s just an additional outlet similar to the one that powers your washer and dryer.)

More than a dozen models of electric cars are on the market today, ranging from the $22,500 Think City to the $102,000 Fisker Karma and including models from Toyota, Honda and Ford. (Federal tax credits help bring the cost down, but they’re a bit tricky.)

To be fair, charging your car at home just shifts your emissions from your car to your local power grid. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Hyattsville’s energy mix includes more nuclear and less gas and coal than the national average.

If you really wanted to reduce your emissions, one homeowner on the west side of Route 1 found that Arts District rowhomes are ideal for solar panels.

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