Historic Church Building in Arts District for Sale


A historic church building along Route 1 in the Arts District is for sale.

Built in 1930, the building at 4320 Hamilton St. has most recently been home to the Ghanian Seventh Day Adventist Church.

But a flyer seems more aimed at retail or office buyers and lists a $1.6 million price.

The church is described as a 16,634-square-foot office building, conveniently located near the Shoppes at Arts District in an area where nearly 26,000 vehicles per day pass by.

The building is currently owned by the Potomac Conference Corporation of Seventh-Day Adventists, based in Staunton, Va.

Converting a church to office, retail or even residential space is not unheard of. According to a 2012 article in the Wall Street Journal, “shrinking congregations and shifting demographics have made it difficult for some congregations to stay afloat financially.”

Architects have found creative ways to convert these historic buildings—which often have 40- or 50-foot-high ceilings, few or no interior walls and stained-glass windows—into homes and apartments that will sell for millions of dollars.

But it isn’t an easy process: Not only do the structures need intensive interior reconstruction and upgrades to meet modern building codes, but they often have been granted landmark status, further complicating renovations.

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  1. Someone could turn it into a coffee/sandwich shop like Eileen’s in Fredericksburg: http://www.eileensbakeryandcafe.com/

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