The State of 5731 Baltimore Avenue


It’s not hard to miss the abandoned gas station at 5731 Baltimore Ave. when you drive into Hyattsville from the north.

It lies at the southern edge of Riverdale Park just as you enter the new Arts District Hyattsville, a reminder of the car dealerships that used to be in the area.

The Hyattsville Wire recently caught up with Mitchell Troy, environmental compliance specialist with the Maryland Department of Environment, to learn more about the state of the property.

According to a report on the Maryland Department of Environment’s website, in March 2008, certified contractors removed seven gas tanks from the property. The soil was then tested for contaminants including organic compounds, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes, also known as the “BTEX” test.

“If there was any contamination, they remediated it,” Mitchell said.

So what is the future of the property? That remains to be seen.

Last February, owner Jey Edward of Silver Spring proposed putting a Dunkin Donuts on the site, but Riverdale Park officials argued that was not appropriate for the zoning.

In April, the city considered a plan to acquire the property through eminent domain, but it is unclear what the current status is and Edward is still listed as owner on state property records.

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2 Responses to The State of 5731 Baltimore Avenue

  1. Jim Groves says:

    My understanding is that part of the problem is that the people who own the real estate are holding out because they know the big bucks will come if they wait.

  2. Jonathan W. Ebbeler says:

    Not to quibble, but the proposed use of a Dunkin Donuts requires a Special Exception under the County Zoning Ordinance as specified under 27-547(a). Given that most local municipalities do not possess land use authority it is inaccurate to stipulate the RP officials argued it was inappropriate for the zoning. The County zoning ordnance itself specifies what is appropriate and inappropriate and Special Exceptions are a Planning Board/Zoning Hearing Examiner/District Council matter. An application was not pursued with the County level so Riverdale Park never had a chance to opine officially on any such plans.

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