Another Retail Spot in New High-End Apartments


The new high-end apartments west of the Mall at Prince Georges have a retail space available for lease.

One of the buildings at 3350 at Alterra has a 1,470-square-foot first-floor spot at the corner of Toledo Terrace and Toledo Place that could be used as an office, shop or even a cafe.

John Grady III, a broker with Grady Management, said the only limitations are that it can’t have anything that would cause fumes and there’s no grease trap. That rules out an on-site dry cleaners or a restaurant that serves anything but sandwiches or coffee.

The space also comes with an outdoor terrace.

Though it’s only one storefront, the addition of this commercial space in the new apartment building is a promising development. During the recession, a lot of mixed residential and commercial projects around the country were either canceled or scaled back because it was hard for developers to prove to banks that a project was viable in both markets.

But this kind of mixed use is key to making cities like Hyattsville more walkable. Residents of Alterra and older apartment complexes nearby could use a neighborhood hangout within walking distance.

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