An Interview with Grayson Heck

Photo courtesy of Grayson Heck.

Photo courtesy of Grayson Heck.

Grayson Heck isn’t just an advocate for artists, he’s also an artist himself.

Through his work at the artdc Gallery in Arts District Hyattsville’s Lustine Center, the Riverdale Park resident promotes a lot of local artists.

This past weekend, he got a little attention of his own when two of his short films were screened at the Brentwood Arts Exchange.

The Hyattsville Wire caught up with Heck recently by email.

In “Stories of Image Becoming,” you filmed artist Melissa Glasser as she painted. How did that come about?

Melissa wanted a video of her work to accompany her Art Lives Here presentation last year. So we recorded footage of her painting the mural she was commishioned to create for the exterior of the Circle Deli in Mount Rainier. I edited the film to show the growth of the work. After that, we continued discussing the video aspect and how to push it further. With “Stories of Image Becoming — First Sketch,” we intend to create a deeper experience with and in response to the work. The the visual components take on a different existence with the accompanying musical components and vice versa. This is a project that we are still working on.

How has the artdc Gallery been doing? 

artdc is doing well. We will be installing a new show Feb. 9. The current show “Maryland Art Critique,” curated by Pierre-Antoine Goho, had a great turn out at the reception. It’s made some sales as well. Our most successful events tend to have many participating artists. Also exhibitions with large and/or kinetic works do well.

Last year, you put together an event called Art in Action at the gallery. Tell us more about that.

Art In Action took place Aug. 8.  This is an idea that I have been developing for several years. This event was the first experiment with the idea. I have a few intentions with this type of show. I want the artistic process to be available to the viewer. My hope is that the viewer feels like a part of the creative experience. In some cases, they will be directly incorporated in the process. I also want the viewer to be able to manipulate the art art itself, becoming part of the work, even if only for a moment. It is also a venue for the artists to push themselves creatively. I want artists to find new options in their process and/or finished works that they were not previously utilizing. Ultimately, a learning experience in creativity and expression for the artists and public. I am currently trying to set up a 2014 Art In Action exposition. Here’s the link to the film I made about the 2013 show.

What do you think of the arts community here in Hyattsville? 

I think the arts community is still growing here. We have a lot of great players in our area. There also seems to be more funding for art recently. I believe there are more opportunities for artists than there were previously. It’s a great place to be. We are a very active art community. I am proud and thankful to be a part of it.

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  1. John Paradiso says:

    Art dc is part of the Gateway Arts District NOT Arts District Hyattsville.

  2. I was referring to the Lustine Center, which is maintained by the Arts District Hyattsville’s HOA.

    — RTB

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