Hyattsville’s Next Piece of Public Art


Hyattsville’s next piece of public art will be a former satellite dish.

According to the Hyattsville Life and Times, a satellite dish that once belonged to Prince George’s County’s first cable TV franchise will be converted into artwork by Mount Rainier sculptor Alan Binstock.

The dish is located in the yard of the Hyattsville Community Development Corp.’s new office, a historic bungalow the nonprofit is restoring on Farragut Street.

The CDC’s executive director, Stuart Eisenberg, told the Life and Times that he has $800 for the project and hopes to raise more this year:

Binstock acknowledged that “the design scope of the work [is still] being sorted out,” but added that because it will be a public work of art, he would like to include residents in the process, perhaps by breaking glass together.

The piece notes that Binstock also created “Pilgrim’s Quandary,” a 17-foot-tall, 2,000-pound stainless steel and silicon glass sculpture that was placed in front of the Post Park Apartments on East-West Highway in 2009.

That piece was chosen by the Hyattsville CDC and the apartment developers after a search by a local arts panel.

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