Metro Eyes Changes to West Hyattsville Station

Photo of West Hyattsville Metro station by Flickr user Elvert Barnes

Photo of West Hyattsville Metro station by Flickr user Elvert Barnes

Metro planners are looking for proposals to redevelop land around the West Hyattsville station.

According to the Washington Business Journal, the station is one of four that were picked by a Metro planning and real estate committee to seek proposals this year.

The stations were culled from a larger list of 20 based on the local market, interest from developers, nearby projects and advice of local officials.

At West Hyattsville, Metro is looking for someone with a good plan for 28 acres of land that it owns around the station. The goal is to tie into the new projects at Fort Totten and near Prince George’s Plaza.

Planners said they’re also hoping to create a “sustainable community” that takes advantage of the Sligo Creek and Anacostia trail systems.

Metro previously awarded development rights at the station in 2005 but the plan was canceled in 2009 due to the recession, according to the Prince George’s Gazette.

West Hyattsville would join Fort Totten, Prince George’s Plaza, College Park and even Greenbelt as Metro stops with a much more walkable mix of shops and housing, much like the transformation at Rhode Island Row.

Quiet suburban park-and-ride-style Metro stops on the Green Line may soon be a thing of the past.

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