More Praise for a Local Restaurant


La Fondita in Edmonston got some praise from the Washington Post last week.

The tiny taqueria near Hyattsville was rightly praised in the food section for its “home-style Mexican comforts” and budget price:

I’ve had a number of tasty plates at La Fondita over the past weeks, but whenever I walk in the door, I immediately crave tacos. I swear this longing must be based on a subliminal smell that greets you at the threshold, perhaps the faint aroma of griddled tortillas, which activates a section of my brain that screams irrationally, and repeatedly, for tacos, tacos, tacos!

Then again, it might be because La Fondita’s tacos are hot bundles of delight.

It was not the first time La Fondita made the paper, either. A 2008 Washington Post story said that “thanks to its authentic food, the restaurant is a major meeting place for immigrants and natives alike” in the area.

La Fondita is located on Decatur Street, midway between Route 1 and Kenilworth Avenue.

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