Pizzeria Paradiso Delay Could Be Resolved Soon


Photo courtesy of http://bit.ly/1jXOA9I.

A bureaucratic tangle over the Pizzeria Paradiso in Hyattsville could be resolved soon.

The owners of ArtWorks and the popular Washington eatery have been in a dispute with the Prince George’s Historic Preservation Commission over designating the dilapidated  Marche Florist building on Route 1 as historic.

Now ArtWorks is being pushed to move quickly because federal grants on the project must be spent by May 2, reports the Washington Post:

Brown’s department asked for the $90,000 grant back, but the County Council interceded, saying ArtWorks had already invested $50,000 and was well on its way to spending the rest. “We were able to save it,” said County Council member William A. Campos (D-Hyattsville).

But that gives the nonprofit about 10 business days to spend the remaining funds and turn in receipts to Prince George’s housing officials.

Barbara Johnson, executive director of Art Works, told the Post that the renovation project is “moving forward” and is “unstoppable.”

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  1. janus says:

    I’m new here, can someone please tell me where this is? I clicked on every link and all I can tell is that the building is “dilapidated” and “faces Rhode Island Ave.”

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