Is Founding Farmers Coming to Riverdale Park?

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The Hyattsville Wire heard from a local Realtor who heard from a Prince George’s County government official that Founding Farmers is also looking into opening up a location at the upcoming Whole Foods Market in Riverdale Park.

Apparently, like the possible Apple retail store, the owners are currently doing a market feasibility study of the area.

With Franklin’sBusboys and Poets and the upcoming Pizzeria Paradiso, Route 1 is turning into a sit-down dining haven, so it’s not surprising that Founding Farmers would be interested in opening up a new location in the area.

The most persuasive argument, though, is simply to walk into the always-packed Busboys any night of the week.

A farm-to-table restaurant serving American fare, Founding Farmers currently has two locations in downtown D.C. and Potomac, Md.

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  1. Donald says:

    I hope this could happen, it would be a welcome changed from what we usually tend to get in this county.

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