Vigilante Coffee Coming to Hyattsville

photo-46Local roasters Vigilante Coffee are coming to historic downtown Hyattsville.

The coffee company, which started in owner Christopher Vigilante’s basement on H Street, is moving its roasting equipment and opening a small coffee shop in the old Model T dealership on Gallatin Street, next to the post office.

Vigilante said he decided to move to Hyattsville after visiting the area over the last year and stopping at places like Franklins brewery and restaurant.

“We really like the small-town vibe,” he said.

Although the equipment has been moved and workers are already roasting coffee in the location, Vigilante said the coffee shop won’t officially open until mid-May. In the meantime, it’s preparing coffee for restaurant clients such as the Bean and Bite, Hank’s Oyster Bar and Little Red Fox.

The Hyattsville Wire has long said that the city needs a coffee shop, and Vigilante Coffee’s new location could not be a better fit.

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5 Responses to Vigilante Coffee Coming to Hyattsville

  1. PJ says:


  2. Allison says:

    GREAT news!!!!!

  3. Sarah J says:

    Being from the Northwest where coffee shops are on every corner, I’ve been shocked that we don’t have a coffee shop in Hyattsville and haven’t figured out what the issue was. I agree, it’s been far too long in the making. Please, let’s support this place!

  4. Crissie says:

    Excited beyond words – lived the NW and Philly and was beyond belief that the area has no coffee shop or coffee shop culture. I will be there!

  5. Jon H. says:

    This is amazing news. Between this, Founding Farmers and the Whole Foods, we’ve got a pretty amazing thing happening in Hyattsville.

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