Spice 6 Serves Halal Meals


A second restaurant in Arts District Hyattsville is now advertising that it’s halal.

Like the Elevation Burger a few doors down, the Spice 6 Indian restaurant has a small sticker on the door that its meat is certified to meet Muslim standards of preparation.

Owner Vik Singh told the Hyattsville Wire that the restaurant had always served halal meat, which is more expensive, but hadn’t advertised it.

“Everything remains the same as far as cooking,” he said in an email. “We just buy meats from a certified halal company.”

Singh said he decided to put the sign on the door after customers asked about it, since it’s not uncommon for Indian restaurants to serve halal meat. (According to the Pew Research Center, India has the world’s second-largest Muslim population.)

Halal meat makes sense for Hyattsville, which is in a county with a significant Muslim population. As Elevation Burger found, the meat is also more humanely prepared, a good selling point in an area with lots of organic and healthy dining options.

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