Hyattsville’s New BonChon Now Open

photoOver the weekend the Hyattsville Wire tried out the new BonChon Korean fried chicken restaurant at University Town Center, which had its grand opening last week.

While we didn’t have time to try their signature fried chicken dish (about a 30-minute wait), we did sample some of the other items on their menu and think it’s a worthy addition to Hyattsville’s growing food scene.

The interior is stylish and trendy with a full bar and TVs for watching the game. The menu has some dishes which are accessible to people who aren’t familiar with Korean cuisine, such as the chicken katsu, a Panko-breaded cutlet with a spicy sweet sauce, as well as french fries and coleslaw.

But there are also severalĀ  harder-to-find dishes for those who are such as Tteokbokki, a traditional rice and fish cake dish.

The major difference for people who have been to traditional Korean restaurants is that you don’t automatically get the typical side dishes like kimchi and daikon radish, although you can order them separately.

In a lot of ways, BonChon is less a traditional Korean eatery and more of a South Korean fried chicken restaurant.

Although BonChon doesn’t deliver, you can takeout and their signature chicken dish might be the perfect thing to order in advance so you don’t have to wait the average 30 minutes it takes to make it.

Hyattsville is BonChon’s fourth location in the D.C. Metro area joining Rockville, Md., and Arlington and Centreville, Va.

And for those of you who are curious, “BonChon” in Korean means “my hometown.”

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  1. adelphi_sky says:

    Some of the best wings I’ve ever tasted. Good to have BonChon in town!

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