Washingtonian Names Hyattsville “Hot” Neighborhood

IMG_6280Hyattsville has been named to another list for up-and-coming neighborhoods.

The Washingtonian selected the city as one of the “five hottest neighborhoods” in the Washington region, noting its diversity, affordable real estate and funky historic downtown.

Hyattsville’s quaint Cape Cods, bungalows, and Victorians finally have a vibrant main street to match. What used to be an uninviting strip of rundown commercial and industrial spaces along Route 1 has in the past decade been transformed into a shopping and dining district. Folks fed up with DC’s astronomical prices are taking note that in Hyattsville you can get a house with a yard for less than $300,000, have your pick of two Metro stops, and drive downtown in less than 20 minutes—some of the reasons why home prices jumped by more than 5 percent last year.

Other areas on the list: Mount Pleasant, Ballston, Trinidad and Shaw.

In recent years, Hyattsville has made a number of these lists, as the continuing redevelopment of Route 1 has kept attention on the area.

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