Siphon Coffee at Vigilante

vigilante-coffee-siphonVigilante Coffee has upped the coffee game in the D.C. area once again.

The Hyattsville coffee shop serves siphon coffee—a brewing technique so old it’s new again and one that’s a treat to watch.

Siphon coffee makers look like something Bill Nye the Science Guy would use, with two glass chambers and a Bunsen burner-like flame at the bottom. The technique uses water vapor to force the hot water to defy gravity and a partial vacuum to bring it back down.

Coffee aficionados swear the technique helps the water maintain the perfect brewing temperature, but regardless of how fine your palate is, you’ll enjoy watching it brew. (Videos abound on YouTube of people making “vacuum coffee” or “siphon coffee” for this reason.)

A cup of siphon coffee at Vigilante costs about $6 and takes longer than most of your other coffee drinks. It’s not something you’ll want to get while rushing to work. But only one other coffee shop in the D.C. area offers siphon coffee, and it’s usually found only in high-end coffee shops in places like San Francisco and New York.

And in other news, Vigilante has posted a notice that it’s applied for a beer and wine license.

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