College Park’s New Hipster Spot

Photo of Milkboy in Philadephia from Flickr user karmacamilleeon

Photo of Milkboy in Philadephia from Flickr user karmacamilleeon

College Park is borrowing a little bit of hipness from Philadelphia.

Next year, MilkBoy+ArtHouse will open on Route 1 next to Ten Ren’s Tea Time. It will be a partnership between MilkBoy, a live music venue and restaurant from the City of Brotherly Love, and the University of Maryland’s Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, according to the Diamondback:

The first floor of the building is planned as a cabaret-type space where people can eat, drink and watch a show, while the second floor will serve as a larger performance space. The venue aims to host performances or events three to five times a week, but that number may fluctuate based on the season.

The partnership is the latest sign that the University of Maryland is serious about its plans to turn College Park into a major college town, alongside a $115 million luxury hotel and scads of new student housing. MilkBoy is well-known in Philly, where the website Billy Penn described it as a place “where bright neon, loaded sandwiches and blaring music define the vibe.”

Construction is underway at the location, based on designs by MSR Design of Hyattsville and Morgan-Keller construction of Columbia, according to city documents. The venue has events scheduled as early as January.

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  1. Jeff Fearing says:

    The MilkBoy in Philly served me a terrific vegan Philly Cheesesteak using locally sourced seitan.
    Hope the College Park iteration serves it too.

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