Vigilante Coffee to Expand to College Park

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Move over Starbucks. One of the D.C. area’s hottest coffeeshops is coming to College Park.

Vigilante Coffee has one location in downtown Hyattsville and is planning on expanding later this year to nearby College Park, home of the University of Maryland.

The coffee shop will replace the former #1 Liquors on Route 1 at 8200 Baltimore Ave., accordingly to a recent article in The Diamondback.

This seems like an obvious fit—Vigilante will literally be sandwiched in-between two student housing buildings—especially with all the new development efforts to bring more student housing to Route 1.

University of Maryland students already have a few options for coffee, including a roomy Starbucks and board-game-themed Brew and Board to name a few, but Vigilante will definitely be among the coolest of them all. It’s hip and locally owned, two big draws for college students.

The coffeeshop will be part of the Route 1 boom, called the Greater College Park initiative, which is a $2 billion cooperative effort between College Park, Prince George’s County, the university and private developers, all working to revitalize and redevelop Route 1.

The new location will have roughly 1,400 square feet as well as outdoor seating.

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  1. Jim Baxter says:

    But the $64 dollar question is: How did they ever pry that liquor store out of there after all these years and all those battles? Must be an interesting story there.

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