Is Hyattsville Becoming ‘Surban’?

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Hyattsville is not urban or suburban, it’s becoming “surban.”

A recent article in the Washington Post quoted a real estate consultant describing some new projects in Prince George’s County using this term.

The Town Center development includes restaurants, shops and bars, and Parkside includes walking trails, multiple swimming pools, tennis courts and a clubhouse.

“We’re seeing what we call ‘surban’ development really take off in places like Westphalia Town Center, where people want urban amenities along with the suburban lifestyle,” said Fulton.

So-called “surban” developments are not in urban centers but borrow some of their more popular features: they are close to a mix of transportation options and within walking distance of restaurants and other entertainment.

That would describe a lot of the projects underway in the Hyattsville area, including the Arts District, the proposed Rail Yard Apartments, the upcoming Riverdale Park Station and apartments and townhomes being built near the West Hyattsville and Prince George’s Plaza Metro stations.

One tipoff to “surban” developments in Hyattsville is noted by Fulton in that same story: “The other unusual thing we’re seeing is a high number of condo and townhouse developments with roof terraces.”

It also fits some of the data we have on Hyattsville, such as the fact that so many households here have just one car.

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2 Responses to Is Hyattsville Becoming ‘Surban’?

  1. Tim Winters says:

    I think Hyattsville is urban, given its density. Also, when you look at the existing development and what is in the pipeline, the main arteries- Baltimore Ave/Rt. 1 from urban core of DC to College Park and wide clusters along MD-410 from Bethesda out to New Carrolton are all urban.

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