Whole Foods Draws Attention to Route 1

Whole Foods Riverdale Park Station Prince George's County Hyattsville Route 1

The new Whole Foods has already had an effect on Route 1.

The opening of the grocery store chain at Riverdale Park Station has received a ton of attention from Washington-area media.

The Washington Post wrote more than one story. Business-oriented publications like the Washington Business Journal and Bisnow wrote about it. The Washingtonian magazine included it in a list of “coolest developments” coming in 2017. ABC affiliate WJLA, CBS affiliate WUSA and NBC Washington had segments. It was covered on radio station WTOP, while “The Kojo Nnamdi Show” on WAMU devoted 20 minutes to the topic. Even Washington Hispanic chimed in.

The stories were almost entirely positive, too. Here’s a snippet from the Post:

And the store has already become a selling point to new residents in this part of Prince George’s, real estate agents say, noting that homes nearby are selling quickly. Many are going to millennials looking to settle in an area where housing is more affordable than in other parts of the Washington region but with the same amenities.

It’s hard to calculate the value of this saturation coverage—what the public relations industry refers to as “earned media”—but it’s substantial. Due to industrywide cutbacks on local news staffs, small towns like Riverdale Park don’t get as much attention as they used to, so major coverage like this is even more valuable.

This summer, a lot of potential homebuyers are going to come check out Route 1, and more than a few of them will have first heard about it from one of these stories.

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