Meet Hyattsville’s Honey Bee Farm

Hyattsville honey Hope Honey Farm Whole Foods apiary

Hyattsville is home to a craft brewer, a coffee roaster and it even has its own apiary: The Hope Honey Farm.

Beyond producing honey, the farm makes soaps and lip balm, some of which you can buy at the new Whole Foods at Riverdale Park Station, Brentwood Arts Exchange, and at Franklins General Store.

Given the plight of the bee, it’s also helping the environment. As the Washington Post noted recently, a bumblebee species was placed on the endangered species list for the first time ever:

One state, Maryland, shows how eerie and perilous the decline has been for professional beekeepers. In 2015, the state lost more than 60 percent of its hives, each containing up to 20,000 honeybees. Beekeeper Steve McDaniel, owner of McDaniel Honey Farms, lost half of his hives in Manchester, Md., and all of them where he kept bees in downtown Baltimore. Hives with up to 20,000 bees cost about $1,200.

If you’re interested in trying your hand at beekeeping, here are two local groups to contact: The D.C. Beekeepers Alliance and the Bowie-Upper Marlboro Beekeepers Association.

Also noteworthy: Hope Honey Farm is the only Certified Naturally Grown urban honey bee farm inside the Beltway.

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