Hyattsville Wire’s New Events Calendar

The Hyattsville Wire recently added an events calendar where you can add your own local events for free including ones from Hyattsville, University Park, Riverdale Park, College Park, Mount Rainier and other nearby communities.

As part of some recent upgrades to the site, we’ve added this new feature and we’ll be regularly adding to the calendar, but we hope you’ll also help us keep it up-to-date by adding your event too.

If you go to the form here you can add your event and we’ll approve it within a day or so of the submission. You can also access the form on the right-hand column of any page of the Hyattsville Wire.

There are lots of events happening along the Route 1 corridor every day, but it can be hard to keep track of them all. We hope our new calendar will be your go-to source for local events and happenings.

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