The Perfect Lunch Spot: Art Walk

Riverdale Park has a fun outdoor lunch spot you may have missed.

Discovery District, the 150-acre research park run by the University of Maryland near the College Park Metro station, has an art installation, trails and outdoor seating.

Located on a roundabout on River Road, the Art Walk at Discovery District features several Mondrian-inspired colorful structures, hammocks, dozens of birdhouses and a green space that attracted a pair of deer and a flock of geese on a recent visit.

For the last two years, the area has also been a hotspot for food trucks, thanks to a special ordinance passed by Prince George’s County.

The Art Walk is at the epicenter of the research park, which is set to grow in importance in the next few years.

The College Park Academy, which currently serves students from sixth to 10th grade, recently moved into the new a 50,000-square building in the Discovery District.

Construction is also underway on an $18.5 million three-story office building overlooking the Art Walk, set to open in 2019. And just next to the roundabout will be a stop on the Purple Line, the 16-mile light rail line between New Carrollton and Bethesda, scheduled to begin running in 2022.

There are a handful of parking spots nearby and an mBike station, and the area is fairly accessible by bike.

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  1. This post originally misstated the city that this part of Discovery District is located in. It is located in Riverdale Park.

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