The WaterHole, a Mount Rainier Community

Mount Rainier Maryland WaterHole community juice bar organic raw vegan

The WaterHole isn’t just a juice bar, it’s a community.

Mount Rainier resident Lisa Harris opened the juice and smoothie bar just off Route 1 in 2015, two years after her father died of cancer, inspired by a desire to achieve her dreams and encourage more healthy living.

Everything on the menu is vegan and raw, with wheatgrass from a Maryland farm and organic coffee from D.C.’s own Zeke’s Coffee.

But a main attraction is the community that Harris helped build up by doing things like hosting regular events where public librarians read to area kids, bringing in area bands to play at night and hiring local artists to build furniture and decorate the interior.

True to form, the juice bar has an active Instagram account — with the name thewaterholecommunity — highlighting different drinks, its staff and some of its regulars.

Some Mount Rainier residents fear gentrification will change the town’s funky culture, with projects like the renovation of the historic Singer Building just down the street to feature apartments and a new cafe from a D.C. restaurateur. But the WaterHole shows the area’s sense of community remains strong.

When the Hyattsville Wire spoke with Harris recently, she was working on plans to expand next door.

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