Inside the New Vigilante Coffee at College Park

Vigilante Coffee Company hopes to finish interior work on its new College Park location by the first quarter of 2018, possibly as early as January.

Owner Chris Vigilante and chief financial officer Ashley Bodine took the Hyattsville Wire on a tour of the new cafe recently.

The 1,400-square-foot building, formerly the home of a long-running liquor store, is about two-thirds the size of the Hyattsville-based roastery and coffee shop. The interior will be much more streamlined to accommodate the space and the more fast-paced student and faculty crowd coming in.

The main bar where drinks are ordered and made will have two espresso machines capable of making five drinks simultaneously and space for three single-origin pour-over coffees.

“We’re in the business of good coffee, not fast coffee,” said Vigilante. “But you should be able to do both.”

Inspiration for the interior design came from around the world. The layout was partly shaped by visits to super-efficient Japanese kissaten on a trip to Tokyo, where the bathroom walls are lined with pages from Slider, a Japanese skateboarding magazine. A series of hanging lamps with integrated planters came from one staffer’s trips to Australian coffee shops. And some reclaimed signs from the liquor store will also be on display.

The cafe’s music will come from a vintage 1970s-era Pioneer record player. Ceiling vents from the liquor store’s refrigeration unit have been converted into skylights. Several walls are covered in reclaimed mushroom board from homes in Baltimore. And patterned table tops come from a Florida wood artist who also fashioned a wood backboard behind the coffee bar made up of 588 handcrafted hexagonal tiles that evoke the University of Maryland’s turtle mascot.

Some interesting exterior touches are coming too.

The liquor store’s neon sign is being refashioned by the same company that made the original. The city of College Park donated several bike racks, and Vigilante hopes to add a small Zen garden in the rear of the building before summer.

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