Here’s Why 2017 Was Such a Big Year for Route 1

You might say 2017 was the year of the Route 1 corridor’s rebirth and even more is set to come.

Last year saw a number of major openings, decisions and changes to the corridor, bringing to fruition a years-long effort to revitalize the communities from Mount Rainier to College Park.

Among other things:

• The first Whole Foods in Prince George’s County opened in April, bringing new attention to Riverdale Park. MOD Pizza and District Taco followed later in the year.

• Music venue and restaurant MilkBoy ArtHouse opened in College Park in May, adding a hip new vibe to the university’s renewal effort.

• Pizzeria Paradiso and Art Works Now opened in southern Hyattsville in June, adding a new draw to the SoHy area and another dining option for families.

• Maryland broke ground on the Purple Line in August, overcoming the reticence of state and federal administrations and a lawsuit from opponents.

• The $180 million Hotel at the University of Maryland opened in September, adding high-end hotel rooms, a conference center and wedding venue to College Park.

• Along with the hotel came an outpost of Kapnos Taverna, Old Maryland Grill, Potomac Pizza and Bagels ‘n’ Grinds.

That’s not to mention the new townhomes under construction near Whole Foods in Riverdale Park and near Home Depot in Hyattsville, new apartment complexes under construction in Brentwood, the soon-to-open high-end Red Door Spa at the Hotel at the University of Maryland a great new Salvadoran place in Riverdale Park, a new Cajun restaurant at University Town Center, the new home of the College Park Academy; the ongoing renovation of the historic Singer building in Mount Rainier; some great new public art; and soon-to-open playgrounds in University Park and Riverdale Park.

But the best may be yet to come.

Upcoming projects and openings include Maryland Meadworks, Streetcar 82 Brewing Co. and Sangfroid Distillery in the SoHy area; Burton’s Grill at Riverdale Park Station; a new Vigilante Coffee and Lidl grocery store in College Park; the expansion of the Riverdale Park Town Center Market; the renovation of a 10-story building at University Town Center; a new restaurant from the owners of Café Saint-Ex in the Singer Building in Mount Rainier; and the renovated Hyattsville library.

The effort to revitalize the Route 1 corridor with arts, restaurants, new housing and craft beer and spirits, seems to be finally paying off in a big way.

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3 Responses to Here’s Why 2017 Was Such a Big Year for Route 1

  1. Valerie Fenton says:

    AND a new professional theatre company, Ally Theatre Company, opened at Joe’s Movement Emporium!

  2. Barbara Sykes says:

    Route 1 has been a crowded mess for decades. Won’t all this construction just make it worse? And I don’t see any plans for widening Route 1 – Frankly, I don’t know how it could be widened with the buildings so close to the roadway. Did anyone look into the transportation/traffic issue?

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