Riverdale Park Station’s Newest Crossing

Riverdale Park Station has added yet another new road crossing.

While the overpass to College Park’s Discovery District will be a key connection, this new extension will help make it easier for residents of Riverdale Park Station to head south to Riverdale Park’s town center.

Developers have finished extending Maryland Avenue from Riverdale Park Station to Riverdale Park’s town center and up to Underwood Avenue, right behind the U.S. Postal Service sorting center.

For now, the road is mostly lined with industrial properties such as Diamond Core Drilling and Sawing. While it previously was accessible from the south, the road didn’t lead anywhere helpful for most motorists until now.

It’s not a major change. A traffic analysis for the town of Riverdale Park estimated at its peak around two dozen more cars may use the new road to enter and exit the development. The road is still mostly hidden at the back of the property.

Still, as with sidewalks, these minor changes will start to add up. The city’s master plan calls for redeveloping that industrial area, and the presence of a few more cars will make pedestrians and bikers feel a little safer going through what is now a fairly empty area.

That should be helpful, since the road is a straight shot to Riverdale Park’s town center, home of the MARC station, the Town Center Market, Bikram Yoga Riverdale Park, and a popular farmers market.

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