Trolley Trail to Reopen at Riverdale Park Station

Developers of Riverdale Park Station will reopen the Trolley Trail this Wednesday.

The popular biking and hiking path had been recently cut off with a chain-link fence over concerns about cars driving on the trail and general safety, leading to an outcry from neighbors.

But developers said they are addressing the concerns with new bollards — short posts that make it impossible for a car to drive onto the trail — as well as improved lighting and signage in the area.

“We appreciate the patience of all as we have endeavored to work through the safety issue brought to our attention and the constructive recommendations on how to address the issue,” they wrote in an open letter.

The response to the brief shuttering of the trail was a sign of how much residents love the Trolley Trail. Developers were smart to react quickly, but the Route 1 area should consider building on that passion to expand the trail even farther.

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1 Response to Trolley Trail to Reopen at Riverdale Park Station

  1. Lise Nau says:

    We are delighted!!!! Thanks to all citizens who wrote and called the developers and retailers. Public outcry works.

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