A Night for Women’s History in South Hyattsville

Image courtesy of Betsy Martin.

Women artists and entrepreneurs along the Route 1 corridor met for a collaborative event in South Hyattsville tonight.

In honor of Women’s History Month, Pyramid Atlantic Art Center and Studio SoHy hosted the “HER STORY” art installation and panel discussion.

The sold-out event began at 4 p.m. with a panel discussion at Pyramid Atlantic featuring Ruth Gesser, owner of Pizzeria Paradiso; Ashley Bodine, co-owner of Vigilante Coffee; Angela Justice, cofounder of Green Owl Design; and Heather Roymans, executive director of IFDC. The discussion was led by Kate Taylor Davis, executive director of Pyramid Atlantic.

“I am excited that HER STORY is connecting our local community of women who are ‘killin’ it’ daily,” Davis said. “We need a place and outlet for some real talk about challenges and victories.”

A meet-and-greet followed at the nearby CAMPspace co-working space, which held its grand opening earlier today, and afterwards with the unveiling of the collaboration at Studio SoHy, located within Vigilante Coffee in Hyattsville. The exhibit features art by local artists Betsy Martin, Krissi Humbard and Bronwyn King. The art will remain on display through late spring.

The event shows how South Hyattsville, also referred to as SoHy, is coming together in a collaborative way with the addition of more businesses and nonprofits.

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