Habit Burger to Open at Riverdale Park Station

Habit Burger Grill is slated to open late spring or early summer at Riverdale Park Station.

The California-based fast casual chain will open in the corner spot across from Burton’s Grill & Bar, according to developers.

This is good news for hamburger aficionados: the chain’s “Charburger” beat the legendary In-N-Out Burger, the trendy Shake Shack and local favorite Five Guys as the best burger in the country in a 2014 one-time survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center.

The chain takes an old-school approach — open-flame grills, no frozen ground beef, cooking to order — which makes it less fast than other fast food, but the limited menu keeps things moving.

Habit Burger Grill is among the fastest-growing chains in the country, along with Jersey Mike’s subs, which will open in the next few months in the same building.

Meantime, Gold’s Gym officially opened last week as well as the playground near the Trolley Trail, and construction is finishing at Bella Salon, which plans to open soon.

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3 Responses to Habit Burger to Open at Riverdale Park Station

  1. Lise Nau says:

    I see there’s no danger of our country starting to make more sustainable food choices…maybe it should be called “Bad Habit Burger.”

  2. DinoManDingo says:

    Yeah, pizza and burger chains six ways to Sunday along the CP-Riverdale-Hyattsvillle Route 1 corridor…how gourmet!

  3. John reef says:

    Franklin’s already makes the best burger in the area.

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