Why Streetcar 82 is More Than Just a Brewery

The owners of Streetcar 82 Brewing Co. will serve the Route 1 corridor and the greater D.C. area in more ways than one.

The forthcoming Belgian brewery in downtown Hyattsville wants residents of the Route 1 corridor communities to stop by — and even bring their dogs — for tastings and other events once they open.

But the three Gallaudet graduates also hope to create a gathering place for the D.C. area’s deaf community. To that end, they hired Andres Otalora, a graphic designer who is deaf, and Route 66, a deaf-owned design and apparel company to design their T-shirts. They also plan to hold events like a beer-themed ASL class.

“We will incorporate some sign language within the brewery itself,” co-owner Jonathan Cetrano told the Hyattsville Wire. “Our outreach will be focused on the Hyattsville community, bringing the neighborhood together.”

In a video posted on Facebook over the weekend, two Streetcar 82 staffers give an update on construction at the brewery using sign language and screen captions. The video, which showcases their inclusive approach, has already been watched more than 3,000 times — quite a feat for a small business like this and a sign of how much their approach is catching on within the greater D.C. area.

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