Capital Bikeshare Coming to Route 1 on May 18

Capital Bikeshare Prince George's Hyattsville Route 1

Photo courtesy of James Schwartz.

Capital Bikeshare is coming to the Route 1 corridor in time for Bike-to-Work Day next week, but it’s starting small.

The popular D.C. bikesharing system is adding three stations from Mount Rainier to Riverdale Park on May 18, which is D.C.’s day set aside for biking to work. Along with two stations in Largo, the Prince George’s system will have a total of 49 bikes.

That’s far below the original plans for 250 bikes at 25 stations along Route 1, including Mount Rainier, Hyattsville, Brentwood, Cottage City, Colmar Manor and parts of Riverdale Park and Bladensburg.

The small number of locations mean that, for now, the bikeshare will only be of use to hard-core bicyclists who plan on going long distances, such as dedicated commuters or daytrippers who want to explore the area.

That’s in contrast to the dense network around the University of Maryland campus from rival mBike, which has had tens of thousands of rides since launching in 2017 and even includes a handful of stations in University Park.

Still, it’s a start. Bikeshare is the new Metro, and the new stations will allow residents along the Route 1 corridor to bike to areas such as Woodridge and Takoma Park, for work or pleasure.

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