Major Apartments, Shops Proposed in Hyattsville

Hyattsville Armory Apartments Maryland housing retail

Illustration courtesy of Urban Investment Partners

Hyattsville Armory Apartments Maryland housing retail

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  1. Michael Derry says:

    I have concerns about development on this scale along route 1. There is already tremendous congestion at the intersection of Jefferson and route 1- between all the foot traffic and the bottle neck of the loss of a lane (which is a problem in itself) and the turn lane which is too short. I worry about added bottlenecking and trying to turn onto route 1 from Jefferson… which is a high traffic street. Also I live in the historic district and would like hyattsvile to keep it’s small town feel. While I welcome new development of those buildings my preference would be for it to be thoughtfully done to blend into the existing character of the community. I don’t want hyattsville to turn into downtown Bethesda !

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