Mount Rainier’s Sewing Studio Marks Anniversary

Courtesy of Sew Creative Lounge

Mount Rainier’s Sew Creative Lounge is on a mission to make sewing fun and accessible for adults and kids alike.

The studio and school, which marked its one-year anniversary earlier this month, offers a monthly class called “Sip and Sew” in which adults drink wine and listen to music while working on a project to take home.

Other programs are aimed at teaching kids the basics of sewing, with similar keepsakes.

Cecily Stewart Habimann told the Hyattsville Wire that she and co-founder Tisha Thorne decided to start Sew Creative after more informal classes that they had been offering proved popular.

“After a few years, our classes were selling out and having waiting lists of about 30 people per class,” she said. “So we realized that there’s a big interest in learning how to sew in this area in the particular format that were teaching it.”

Initially, Sew Creative focused on the so-called “sip and sew” programs featuring a D.J. and drinks, but later expanded to summer craft classes for five- to seven-year-olds and another program for kids eight and up.

“I can see their confidence build over the course of our classes,” said Habimann. “We also find in talking with their parents that this confidence they find in our sewing program is something that spills over into other parts of their lives. They’re learning how to create, but that doesn’t just stop with sewing.”

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