Kapnos Taverna Closing in College Park Dec. 1

Kapnos Taverna in College Park will close permanently on Saturday, Dec. 1.

The outpost of the once-popular D.C. restaurant chain inside the Hotel at the University of Maryland fell victim to owner Mike Isabella’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

In recent months, Isabella has shut down restaurants due to declining traffic after reports that a former general manager was suing him for sexual harassment.

In the lawsuit, Chloe Caras alleged that Isabella and his partners called her “bitch” and “whore,” commented on her body and touched her without permission. Isabella settled for an undisclosed amount, but his restaurants were disqualified from awards and removed from dining guides.

Isabella was not the first celebrity chef to come to Route 1. Noted D.C. chef Geoff Tracy ran Hank’s Tavern and Eats at University Town Center from 2008 to 2014.

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2 Responses to Kapnos Taverna Closing in College Park Dec. 1

  1. Chris Tracy says:

    Just a small correction. Having enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving meal at his home in DC last week, I can attest to the fact that Chef Geoff still lives in Washington DC and co-owns Chef Geoff’s, LIAS, Cafe Deluxe and Tortilla Coast.

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